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senpai, notice me!
Hello (´・ω・`)
I'm a 18 y.o. girl from Poland.
I like Japan, anime, drawing, gaming (otome games too, lol!)
There is no hope for me!






not excatly a GoT fan but these gifs are freaking epic

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How to pick up b*tches:1. Be Levi2. Collect panties
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Senpai update

I graduated from highschool, but I didn’t get senpai to notice me.

What do I do now? TT-TT

EDIT: This is serious. He isn’t even on facebook. I’m doomed!

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helookssoasdfgytrhwsretgdgw.btw. I’ve been drowning in fanfiction lately. I should be ashamed but.. it feels so good ;_;(fufufufufu)
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oh.. my..god! XD
I am a fan of Hanyu Yuzuru, and I love Levi, so this is just too perfect!
I’m meltinghhhhjjgfhf

src: http://shanghaiist.com/2014/02/22/netizen_release_series_pictures_fea.php
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Got this photo of my boyfriend cheating on me ;____;
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Something genius

How not to feel guilty when on a diet?

1. Buy two chocolates
2.  Eat half of each

3. It’s almost like you ate just half a chocolate!

4. ???


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well, this is also on my dA.
This is my personal reaction to “Free!”. I was skeptical at first, but god, this anime is flawless! So this are my stages of fangirling. I wonder how it is with others!
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